Littleton, CO

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Services Offered

Below is a list of our services. Let us know any questions or concerns. We'll do our best to meet your needs.


  1. Initial phone consultation: 30 minutes

  2. Initial set up fee of $75 includes: initial consult and set up of on-line coaching plan

  3. Daily workouts provided via Training Peaks account

  4. Quarterly field testing and assessments for your sport(s)

  5. Power plan available: contact for pricing

  6. Plan changes, when needed

  7. Race plan and annual training plan development

  8. Quarterly nutrition analysis

  9. Development of race day nutrition plan

  10. Unlimited contact via email and phone

MONTHLY PLANS: $75/month

  1. Initial phone consult: 30 minutes

  2. Plan is provided in a monthly block

  3. Basic Training Peaks online account

  4. No changes to plan once published

  5. Initial set up fee of $75 include: initial consult and set up of on-line coaching plan

  6. Additional consultations provided at an hourly rate. Please call to discuss


PERSONAL & GROUP TRAINING: Call for current rates


  1. Blood Lactate Testing: call for pricing

  2. Swim Technique and consultation: $60/hour

  3. General Endurance/Sport Consultation $60/hour

  4. Run Efficiency and Evaluation: $60/hour